Nicole's Story

My name is Nicole. Cannabis saved my life, literally. This is my story.

First off, I never liked cannabis. In my former life as a high school English teacher, I preached against its use, admonished "stoners" and perpetuated uninformed and negative stereotypes. You know the ones.

All of this dramatically changed in August of 2018, when I was diagnosed with stage IV metastatic breast cancer. I so clearly remember hearing the words, "YOU HAVE CANCER!" Suddenly, I felt as if I was violently submerged into a raging, unforgiving ocean that would undoubtedly ravage me to pieces. My first thought was, "what am I going to tell my mother?"

I believed I was going to die. For those who know, you can never really collect yourself once you hear those words, once you get the diagnosis. You just move forward blindly, putting one foot vaguely in front of the other, knowing you will face your own mortality, whether you like it or not.

My future included an eight-hour spinal surgery, six rounds of chemo, two weeks of radiation, partial mastectomy, ovarian removal, and a lifetime of medication protocols.

I was mentally and emotionally destroyed, knowing I would soon be physically defeated as well. I had to accept I was now the patient. So my soulmate Jaime and I dove headlong into this voracious ocean, seeking salvation from a horrid disease.

My regimented cannabis protocol began in September 2018, which we aggressively implemented. A protocol that saved my life. 
By the end of January 2019, after only three rounds of chemo, no radiation, no operations, no mastectomy, I was cancer-free. CANCER FREE!

My doctors were amazed at my recovery. They couldn’t stop commenting. If anyone ever believed cannabis was not helpful, it was me. If anyone ever believed cannabis could cause damage, it was me. 
This is a reflection of my former self.

I now know what cannabis is capable of. I witnessed the therapeutic power and potential firsthand, and now see repeated validation with our patients. My strength lies in my conviction of understanding that cannabis is a plant of many miracles. It is being studied intensely all over the world, for exceptional reasons, as researchers and scientists make great progress towards fully understanding how cannabis can save lives—the lives of children, the lives of seniors, the lives of every man woman and child afflicted with disease and illness.

I want you to imagine a world that embraces cannabis as a medicinal plant on the cutting edge of healing, because that’s is exactly what it does. 
It saves lives, it improves lives. It provides alternative methods for the community, who might otherwise be enslaved by the broken medical and pharmaceutical industries that have relentlessly taken the spirits of so many individuals who were also seeking salvation from illness.

Not surprisingly, my story turned into our mission, and our company: Grace Health & Wellness. My husband and I now operate a medical cannabis consulting firm, working with patients who are suffering from critical ailments, from epilepsy to autism, cancer, MS, and even seniors suffering from opioid addiction.

We're hopeful that this global community of ours will take heed, respect and appreciate the real benefits of cannabis; of how it can improve the health of our people, our financial infrastructure, increase job availability, and deliver a myriad of additional benefits.

Please join us on this journey. It's an important one.

Love, Nicole


Side note: My mom is resting easy these days. A naysayer from the "Reefer Madness" era, she is also now a complete supporter. She knows cannabis saved my life, and she loves her CBD capsules and THC night tinctures as well.